shu uemura
ultimate reset
duo hair serum

A pro must-have for strong, silky strands.



It’s no secret that Japanese craftsmanship is renowned throughout the world. Shu Uemura Art of Hair, one of the country’s chicest beauty exports, is simply unparalleled when it comes to technology, precision, and luxurious user experience. Many of their products including the new Ultimate Reset Duo Hair Serum are formulated with rice bran, which is an ancient local hair remedy that’s rich with vitamins and minerals. There are plenty of hair serum rivals out there, but the discerning pro out there knows this treatment-meets-styler duo stands out above the rest.

If you’ve bought into another Japanese phenomenon and decided to KonMari your bathroom cabinets, do yourself a favor and let this be the one hair care product that makes the edit. It really is a do-it-all that works on many hair types and can be especially beneficial to those who color. The bottle itself houses a dual-chamber that contains two different types of hair oils that aim to repair damage, add strength and shine, and help protect hair from heat styling thanks to the inclusion of thermo-responsive technology. Also, the scent is heavenly.

A few months into quarantine, my neglected hair was so long, fried, and unmanageable that I had to hide the scissors in order to avoid making a major DIY cut mistake. Luckily, this reset treatment — “reset” being the key word here — saved the day. After washing, I pumped out about a dime-sized amount, emulsified it in my palms, and applied it to damp hair, concentrating on the ends. You can blow dry or not. (If you do, the abovementioned thermally-activated formula will aid your endeavor.) I just combed it in and air-dried. (I also used it sparingly on dry hair when I needed a little extra frizz control.) The result: incredibly soft and shiny hair that felt like another national treasure, Japanese silk.


“You really feel such a difference in the health and shine of your hair with this. It’s super hydrating, gets rid of frizz, and leaves curls extra bouncy.” —Leanne Citrone, Hairstylist

“I love the cream and oil blend. I haven’t used anything like it. My hair is super dry at the moment, and this boosted shine and hid split ends right away.” —Kylee Heath, Hairstylist

“You get the best of both worlds with this cream and oil combo. The cream smooths, and the oil boosts shine. I love using this, whether I’m doing a blowout or air-drying.” —Jenny Cho, Hairstylist


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