Drink your way to better skin, hair, and nails.



A-listers (like the Kardashians) may have brought edible collagen to the forefront of your Instagram feed in recent years, but the practice of ingesting this storied substance goes back centuries. Empress Dowager Cixi of China, who consumed collagen as part of her complexion-boosting beauty routine during her rule from 1861 to 1908, was, according to Elle, one of the first celebrities to publicly endorse the practice. Naturally, collagen — the primary structural component of the human body and the stuff that makes our skin plump and juicy — has evolved and taken on new forms since then, ranging from capsules to coffee creamers to candy-like gummies.

Our favorite way to get our daily dose: Shore Magic’s Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Protein. Made from sustainably sourced wild fish skins, this odorless and tasteless powder supports healthy hair, skin, nails, muscles, joints, and more. It is also purported to boost metabolism, maintain lean muscle mass, and help control appetite. Backed by published science and free of additives, fillers, and preservatives, this pure and potent formula is 95% bioavailable (meaning your body can use it quickly) and 19 times more absorbable than typical sources of collagen.

Simply mix two scoops with your morning smoothie, yogurt, or any other hot or cold food or drink for smooth and satisfying results. The texture itself is exceptionally fine, dissolving seamlessly into any liquid for a quick and easy boost. In short, Shore Magic transformed this age-old beauty secret into a modern delight.


“This may just be my #1 must-have skin and hair product. It's made my skin noticeably firmer, nails stronger, and hair and scalp healthier with less hair loss. Truly magic!”  – SUNNIE BROOK, Hairstylist

“A definite departure from all other collagen powders out there. It has one ingredient and nothing else, making it the silkiest, best-dissolving product I’ve tried.” – KATEY DENNO, Makeup Artist

“I work this collagen powder into my morning coffee and smoothies to help improve skin texture, dryness, and joint pain all at once — it’s worth it!” – EMILY MORSE, Doctor of Human Sexuality & Founder and Host of the Sex with Emily Podcast


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