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energising body oil

The invigorating oil that firms, tones, and revitalizes the body.

Written By JAYME CYK


While pregnant with her first child in 2000, Dr. Lamees Hamdan couldn’t find a stretch mark–fighting body product made with clean ingredients. After scouring the shelves of stores in her native Dubai, the general practitioner took matters into her own hands, formulating a pregnancy-safe oil for her own use. After delivering her child—and the three that followed—Hamdan never had a single stretch mark, a fact she credits to her signature Pregnancy Body Oil

Fast forward to 2004, when Hamdan unveiled Dubai-based beauty brand Shiffa, a bodycare range comprising the pregancy oil and other exclusive products. Among client favorites is the Energising Body Oil, a nourishing elixir containing herbs and spices, as well as fennel to detoxify and ginger to soothe tired muscles. Just think of it as a vitamin shot for the skin. “I created the Energising Body Oil to help detox, prevent cellulite, and promote circulation,” says Hamdan. “I use body oils with detoxifying essential oils every day, and in my forties I still don’t have any cellulite.”


“The Shiffa Energising Body Oil is a real treat. Just lather yourself in this oil to relax and decompress. It also keeps the skin soft and beautiful, and I love the scent!”—Kira Nasrat, makeup artist

Shiffa Energising Body Oil is one of my favorite body products. I love the citrus herbal scent, which is so revitalizing. Also, the oil absorbs quickly without leaving a heavy residue, and the ingredients purify the skin.”—Monika Blunder, makeup artist


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