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Presenting the all-natural hand wash that benefits both your skin and the ocean.

Written By JAYME CYK


Being an avid surfer and free diver, Jaeson Plon couldn’t ignore the considerable amount of plastic pollution washing up on the shores of the most remote islands on the planet. So Plon took matters into his own hands (literally and figuratively) and teamed up with natural-product connoisseur Bradd Kern to unveil Sea Bottle Softening Hand Wash. The liquid soap is encased in a frosted glass bottle with 39°N and 135°W coordinates on the front, which marks the heart of the Pacific Gyre, an unfathomably large area of toxic plastic contamination that is increasingly getting worse. So with Sea Bottle’s refill system of keeping the pump and screwing on the new bottle, Plon and Kern are hoping to change some habits while saving marine life and the ecosystems. “Sadly, less than 10 percent of plastics get recycled, and even then only once,” says Plon. “The result is more than 30 percent of all plastics escape collection systems, entering the environment and moving through our waterways to the ocean. By reusing Sea Bottle pumps with our refills, there is zero new plastic, making sustainability both elegant and convenient.  We also donate a portion of every sale to marine research and education.”

Naturally, the lavender-scented hand wash is a combination of pure ingredients like organic aloe, sea kelp extract, and argan oil to soothe and hydrate hands. “As a surfer, I often road trip up the central coast looking for waves,” explains Plon. “Turning down rustic roads in early summer with the windows down, the sea breeze sweeps the scent of lavender off the hillsides into your senses. That fragrant combination of ocean and lavender is quintessential California.”


“I absolutely love everything about this product. I love the ingredients, the concept, the story, and how nicely it smells and works!” —Matthew VanLeeuwen, makeup artist

“This is awesome. I love the texture and smell.” —Jamie Greenberg, makeup artist


March 10, 2017

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