Introducing a multipurpose facial oil that illuminates as it hydrates—and tricks your skin into thinking it’s forever 21.



Few beauty products sit comfortably in the Venn diagram of serious skin care and natural-looking makeup. But a new multitasking oil combines anti-aging technology (based on Nobel-winning science, no less) with the perfect amount of glow-giving highlight. At its core, RéVive Glow Elixir Hydrating Radiance Oil is an advanced skin treatment—as one would expect from a product line developed by a former plastic surgeon, Dr. Gregory Bays Brown. But in a twist of literal brilliance, it also illuminates the face with a beautiful subdued glow to give the complexion a healthy, lit-from-within finish.

The elixir itself is light enough to wear throughout summer, made as it is with shea butter, sunflower oil, and crambe abyssinica seed oil. All of them are rich in the essential fatty acids needed to retain hydration, strengthen the skin barrier, and combat bacteria — helping to keep skin soft and smooth. But the true skin star here is Bio-Renewal Protein, RéVive’s signature ingredient that mimics the skin’s own renewal process. At a microscopic level, it works by renewing the structure of the skin at a faster rate, effectively nudging cells to behave as though they’re younger than they really are. The result: better overall tone, improved elasticity, fewer brown spots, and smoothed lines. 

Of course, those results happen only with consistent use, and fortunately, you’ll be inclined to bring this oil into your regular rotation upon seeing its immediate benefits. Its pearlescent finish and ultra-fine pinky-bronze shimmer bring a naturally sun-kissed (not sparkly, not glittery, just pretty) glow to all skin colors. Mix a few drops with your daily moisturizer or foundation for allover radiance, or use the accompanying brush to highlight cheekbones and the bridge of the nose. Is it skin care? Is it makeup? It’s both—and given its immediate and long-term benefits, this high-performing hybrid can make this summer your most gorgeous yet.


“This gives the most beautiful golden glow without being oily — and leaves a gorgeous shimmer behind.” —GRACE AHN, Makeup Artist

“I'm obsessed with this serum. It's so subtle and it adds a perfect glow.” —MISHA SHAHZADA, Makeup Artist

“With just one drop, my skin felt incredibly nourished and smooth. Perfect for those days when your skin needs some extra love.” —LIZ LASH, Makeup Artist


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