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digital detox bath

The powerful soak that detoxifies and revives.

Written By JAYME CYK


“It’s important to point out that Pursoma soaks are not bath soaks in the ordinary sense,” says Shannon Vaughn, the brains behind the bath-and-body line. “They are treatments that provide a modality for healing.”

A few years back, Vaughn suffered from severe headaches, which she attributed to the enormous amount of time she spent on her cell phone. She did a little digging and interviewed a multitude of people also glued to technology, and discovered that many needed melatonin in order to wind down and sleep. Blended with French green clay and hand-harvested French gray sea salt, Pursoma Digital Detox pulls out toxicity and breaks down tech-induced environmental toxins so you can sweat them out. “Turn off your phone and decompress,” suggests Vaughn. “The bath is simply the vessel to infuse nutrient-rich ingredients into your system. You have to disconnect.”


“The purifying ingredients are not heavily fragrant and feel quite subtle at first, but after the soaking I was very relaxed and my skin felt soft and nourished. I recommend using it before bedtime to fully reap the benefits.”—Lisa Storey, makeup artist


October 24, 2016: Rules of Bathing

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