Copper peel

Take a cue from a legendary Hungarian skin expert and start exfoliating with this treatment that incorporates the healing wonders of thermal water.



As a 14th-century beauty icon, Queen Elizabeth of Hungary smelled impeccable thanks to a bespoke neroli and rosemary-infused toilette water that some fragrance historians cite as the first perfume. She also probably had great skin, thanks to the now world-famous thermal waters of Budapest that are known far and wide for their healing properties. Omorovicza, a Hungarian-based skin care line owned by a local couple with their own illustrious bloodline, harnesses the same native treasure in its innovative formulations.

And let me vouch for it all — these products work. During a visit to Budapest a few years back, I beelined it to one of the 1000 bathhouses the town is known for. I did as the locals do and submerged myself in one of the famed hot pools, filled with sacred water chockfull of natural minerals and trace elements. After a modest 10-minute soak, my stress melted away. I felt instantly calm, rested even. But it was the after-effects on my skin — rosy, glowing, plumped, and hydrated — that were remarkable. Clearly, it’s good medicine.

How I recreate the same sparkling glow at home? Via this perfect peel that delivers on that lofty goal in just two steps. The how-tp: Apply the paste infused with blue copper, the peptides that increase collagen production, followed by the thermal activator, which contains lactic acid a notorious facial resurfacer, and the gloriously soothing Hungarian thermal water. Massage the combination into a delicious foam for a few minutes, then rinse to reveal a tightened, brightened, and generally more even-toned complexion. I assure you that Queen Elizabeth of Hungary certainly never enjoyed a treatment as effective (or easy) as this.


“Love this two-step gentle peel! It left my skin feeling soft, bright, and firm with pores that were visibly smaller after one use.” —JANICE DAOUD, Makeup Artist

“What I love the most is that I get the benefits of a peel without the abrasiveness. After the treatment, my skin felt smoother and looked more vibrant and even. Definitely a keeper!”—CAROLA GONZALEZ, Makeup Artist

“This peel left my skin feeling soft thanks to the gentle exfoliation. The two-step process was very easy to use and it has a slight tingling sensation, which makes me feel like it’s doing its job.” —MAI QUYNH, Makeup Artist


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