A small-but-mighty microcurrent tool that smoothes and plumps skin around the eyes, lips, and forehead.



It is hardly a secret that microcurrent technology is one of the most effective methods for combatting signs of aging (outside of a doctor’s office, of course). Therefore, when one of the most respected purveyors of the technique offered us a miniature, user-friendly device that relaxes fine lines, plumps wrinkles (and lips!), brightens dark circles in under five minutes, and perhaps most importantly, can mimic the coveted ‘lip flip’ previously only available via injectables, VIOLET STAFFERS considered it pretty much a no-brainer.


After giddily receiving and testing this deceptively small and powerful tool, our Committee of Industry Experts resoundingly agreed that the NuFACE Fix™ was to become a staple of their skin care ritual. 

“The NuFACE Fix™ is perfectly sized to target the area around your eyes and lips. The results are immediate, making it ideal for a fun event, important workday, or an instant pick-me-up.”  

– ROBIN BLACK, Makeup Artist

“This little guy has the goods. Results are immediate and get even better with consistent use.” 

– KIRIN BHATTY, Makeup Artist

"I love the instant gratification of this small-but-mighty device. It’s simplistic design and straightforward function make it a breeze to work with and it delivers seriously-impressive, lip-plumping results.”

– ASHLEY CORNETT, Beauty Editor


As we suspected, our testers were thoroughly impressed with how this device performed on even the trickiest of skin concerns, yielding dramatic instant results. Therefore, NuFACE’s FIX™ LINE SMOOTHING DEVICE is officially VIOLET CODE APPROVED and can be found on THE SHELVES.


1. At VIOLET GREY, we love our microcurrent devices. We want to use them everywhere, all the time. When the slim little NuFACE Fix™ came across our desk, we thought it was perfect for quick touch-ups, travel, and to use in targeted spots such as around the eyes and lips.

2. NuFACE’s microcurrent technology stimulates facial muscles, promising to firm and tone for more sculpted contours, and helping to gently smooth lines. When was the last time you worked out your face?

3. You can’t beat the size—microcurrent magic delivered by something as slender as an electric toothbrush. Cordless, easy. Have NuFACE, will travel!

4. It’s a touch-up device that truly delivers—and fast. “The results are immediate, making it ideal for a fun event, important work day, or an instant pick-me-up,” says makeup artist Robin Black. Chriselle Lim considers the Fix™ a holy grail item. She told us she takes it with her everywhere.

5. Our Committee members loved the immediate improvement they noticed around tired eyes, to soften lip lines, and along the jawline. Just remember, says makeup artist Kirin Bhatty, for more cumulative change, “with microcurrent, consistency is key.”


The VIOLET CODE is a process and set of standards by which VIOLET GREY’s Committee of Industry Experts separate hero products from the tens of thousands of options available to you on the market. The result is a curation that is truly the best in beauty from those who know best.