face oil

The thing you should be using on your face for glowier skin.



Expectant mothers need almost as much pampering as new moms do, which was what aesthetician Hope Smith had in mind when she launched her luxurious, clean beauty line of a pregnancy-safe oil and body butter under the self-explanatory name Mutha. 

Meet the sequel to those box office hits: A do-it-all face oil that appeals to mothers as well as any human being looking to exude youthful radiance. Not all chemicals are bad per se, but we appreciate an ingredient list that reads like the contents of the best super smoothie on the planet that also happens to impart incredible glow after one glorious sip. Smith seemingly left no good skin care soldier behind when she painstakingly concocted this formula which contains 22 active oils that work together to form a four-point plan of hydration (squalane and kalahari melon); protection (Tsubaki and pomegranate); soothing (evening primrose and rosemary); and brightening (turmeric and grape seed), all with a heavenly yet subtle jasmine scent on top. 

The texture feels so satisfying and luscious but leaves a silky, dry oil-esque finish which is much less greasy than most face oils out there. Now that winter is coming, we can see this product as a remedy for frantic moms — and busy types everywhere — because if we really had to choose just one product to apply after cleansing, this would be it. We’ll spare you the “this is one bad mutha” line and just say this: What’s not to love?


“This product delivers. I’m particularly impressed with the trio of Tsubaki, watermelon, and jojoba seed oils that hydrate skin without looking overly shiny. And an obvious note for me is the packaging — who wouldn’t want to have this in their lineup?” —MICHAEL ANTHONY, Makeup Artist

“1000% loved this face oil. Incredibly lightweight and super absorbent, my skin soaked up every last drop without leaving any film or residue behind.” —DEREK YUEN, Hairstylist

“My face glistened and had more bounce after using this oil. Plus, it smells divine. Keeping this one on my vanity for sure!” —BRIDGETT BRAGER, Hairstylist


As with every product on VIOLET GREY, the Mutha Face Oil reached our shelves once a minimum of 70 percent of testers deemed it a winner. At that time, we added it to our skin care edit with the Violet Code’s official stamp of approval.


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