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Get a customizable clean with the Porsche of toothbrushes.



Thanks to social media, we know a lot (quite possibly too much) about Hollywood A-listers — from what they wear to walk the dog to the number of steps of in their skin care routines. What you don’t hear about often, however, is how they get their megawatt smiles. 

Judging by his long list of celebrity patients (which includes Kate Hudson, Tom Hanks, and Cher, to name a few), I can tell you that Dr. Jon Marashi has likely played a major role in the pearly whites you’ve seen radiate across the silver screen.

For those of us who can’t snag an annual cleaning with the Brentwood-based dentist who spends his free time skateboarding around Los Angeles, there’s the M Sonic Toothbrush. Powered by 37,000 sonic vibrations per minute, the tool boasts four settings, starting from very gentle to a more substantial gum massage and plaque removal mode. Even better: This smart brush remembers the last setting used the next time it’s turned on. 

As for looks, the ultra-slim design, graphite handle, and one-button feature (inspired by the iPod) make this tool a stylish sink-side addition. Unlike other bulky models that take up valuable space and clash with pricey marble countertops, this sleek-and-chic toothbrush slips seamlessly into the mix. That said, the M Sonic did already snag a supporting role on late-night TV, as Justin Timberlake used it to brush his teeth during a sketch with Jimmy Fallon. Stars: They’re just like us.


“This toothbrush is not only chic but extremely efficient and leaves your teeth feeling like you just had a professional cleaning.” —Bobby Eliot, Hairstylist

“I never knew I needed a luxe toothbrush — until I tried this! Love the deep clean and the sleek design, too!” —Gabrielle Jeanne, Hairstylist

“This toothbrush has a luxe look and feel. I also like that it has four speeds — from soft to extra-firm — so that everyone can find a setting that leaves their teeth feeling clean.” —Derek Yuen, Hairstylist


As with every product on VIOLET GREY, the Marashi Oral Health M Sonic Toothbrush reached our shelves once a minimum of 70 percent of testers deemed it a winner. At that time, we added it to our wellness edit with the Violet Code’s official stamp of approval.


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