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Is your complexion irritated, blemished, spiraling out of control? Time to tend to your complexion with an ultra-chill cream that helps it find the perfect balance.



As any yoga teacher or master multitasker knows, finding balance is easier said than done. The same goes for your skin. In the quest for a glowing complexion, plenty of us enthusiastically cleanse and exfoliate, only to be “rewarded” with skin that’s even more irritated, blemished, or parched than ever. So we pile on more products to fix the problem, but our skin responds with the petulance (but alas, not the youthful smoothness!) of a teenager. And the cycle continues.

If that roller coaster ride sounds all-too-familiar, you may need to tend to your acid mantle — otherwise known as your skin barrier. It’s one of those unsung-but-important aspects of skin health: a thin, surface-level film that serves as a barrier to lock in moisture and shield against bacteria and irritants. A balanced acid mantle keeps skin looking and feeling healthy. But when it becomes compromised, often through using aggressive products or treatments that disrupt its delicate balance, the result involves breakouts, redness, or dryness. To restore and maintain a healthy acid mantle, back away from astringent toners and harsh exfoliators and instead, treat your skin as gently as you would a piece of fine silk, starting with a cream specifically formulated to support the acid mantle. 

Naturally, we’ve found the only one that matters. Lord Jones Acid Mantle Repair CBD Moisturizer, with a proper pH of 5.85, replenishes the moisture and lipids essential for proper barrier function. Its five-ceramide complex, along with calming full-spectrum CBD oil, restores and recalibrates the acid mantle without leaving a greasy feel. Simultaneously, hyaluronic acid locks in water (hello, bouncy texture!) while sustainably-sourced squalane complements your skin’s natural oils. All of this is delivered in a luscious, velvety texture that leaves skin ready for makeup or incredibly soft and smooth on its own. As it turns out, finding balance may be ever-elusive in some aspects of our lives, but when it comes to skin? Consider it found.


"My skin felt calm, supple and protected while wearing this cream. " —JENNA KRISTINA, Makeup Artist

"A great, powerful, not-so-basic moisturizer that layers well and is good for all skin types.” —MOLLY GREENWALD, Makeup Artist

"My skin has been stressed lately and this moisturizer was like therapy. The rich formula instantly absorbs without any greasiness." —HANNAH BIDDLE, Makeup Artist


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