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The collagen-infused lash primer that volumizes and enhances lashes.

Written By JAYME CYK


Thirteen years ago Lashfood’s mother-daughter duo, Jane and Faith Kim, introduced eyelash extensions to the U.S. Over the course of several years they noticed a serious need for a plant-based eyelash enhancer for clients looking for a natural alternative to eyelash extensions and those who wanted longer-lasting extensions. “My mom and I both have extremely sensitive skin (I have eczema around my eyes and my mom can’t use most mascaras found in the market), so we spent an additional one to two years on clinicals that not only focused on efficacy, but also safety,” says Faith. “We wanted to make sure our users see only results—not side effects.” And in 2007, Lashfood was born.

Nowadays, it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t want longer, thicker lashes. When we learned that Lashfood’s Collagen Lash Primer was a multitasker that helps with the growth and thickness of lashes, our artist community couldn’t wait to get their hands on it. “We consider ourselves a brand that is skincare for lashes and brows,” says Faith. “I wanted to infuse enriching serums into all of our formulations and focus on creating immediate head-turning lashes and healthier, restored-looking lashes over time. Many mascaras and primers in the market are filled with ingredients that end up drying out natural lashes and causing them to become weak and brittle. Our approach is the exact opposite: replenish and nourish lashes throughout the day.”

Lashfood’s primer contains lash-extending fibers to instantly thicken and stretch lashes, collagen to plump and boost volume, and peptides to nourish and promote long-term vitality and strength. Faith adds, “My favorite thing about this product is that I can use it during the day before applying mascara or at night as a deep conditioner to enrich lashes.”


“I think this is a very clever product. Not only is it a treatment, but it’s also a lash builder, so you are seeing immediate effects while you work toward long-term results. Women who struggle with their lash length will really find this to be a useful and worthwhile product.”—Fiona Stiles, makeup artist

“I got great results with this primer, especially with lash length. I found that it achieved a nice fringy look for the lashes, partly because of the great brush that applies the product perfectly.”—Matthew VanLeeuwen, makeup artist


On clean lashes, apply the primer and then layer on your mascara for fuller, longer lashes. Before bed use as a conditioning treatment sans mascara.