lid tint IN DEW

Presenting the clear eye balm that gives you gloriously glistening lids.

Written By JAYME CYK


A huge hit with our artist community, Jillian Dempsey’s all-natural Lid Tints have the perfect balmy consistency to instantly create a smooth, semi-glossy wash of color. But there was one shade missing that she deemed necessary to round out her collection. That color (or, in this case, a nonexistent hue) is called dew, a transparent formula that makes the lids glisten and the eyes pop. Consider it the perfect companion for updating your everyday look.


“I wished out loud to Jillian that I longed to have an untinted version of her Lid Tint. A clear formula that could be worn on bare lids to make my mascara pop, or layered with any eyeliner or shadow for a smudged, semi-glossy effect. Dew is that wish come true.”—Christina Han, Head of Development, Special Projects


February 16, 2017

by the
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