This bohemian-chic, CBD oil-infused gem isn’t your typical scented candle.



The smell of fresh-cut greens has been an olfactory staple for quite some time. The ever-popular note known as vetiver — really just a fancy name for a type of French grass — blew onto the scent scene in the early ʼ90s with its distinctly delightful, and for many nostalgic, notes reminiscent of crisp, freshly-mowed lawns.

Our collective obsession with grass also has roots in our innate attraction to nature. “Earthing,” the therapeutic practice of walking barefoot on grassy soil, is officially a thing, and studies show that the simple act of getting your hands nice and dirty during a gardening session can help increase serotonin and dopamine levels. 

Leave it to fragrance company Heretic to take a clean and deceptively simple concept and turn it on its head by deeming it “Dirty Grass,” thereby making it instantly subversive and far more sexy and covetable. The addition of hemp-derived CBD oil doesn’t hurt either — these are modern (and particularly stressful) times, after all. What it smells like? Notes of grassy, green vetiver that rise above a heart of earthy violet leaf and a spritz of fresh lemon zest that seem at once expensive and humble. How it makes you feel, though, is its real superpower: delicate ribbons of CBD diffuse through the air to help you and your environment feel instantly calmer, less stressed, and more tranquil. So from now on, like the perfect martini, we’ll take our grass served a little bit dirty.


“A mental escape to summers filled with picnics in the park, walks in a garden, and childhood love on the playground.” —SUNNIE BROOK, Hairstylist

“I’m not normally a scented candle person, but this is my new must-have. As soon as I light it, my stress seems to fade away.” —LORI YOUNG, Makeup Artist

“I’m gifting this soothing candle to everyone in my life! It’s fresh with a sophisticated undertone that’s both extremely chic and useful.” —LENA RAFF, Makeup Artist


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