giorgio armani
luminous silk

Dark undereye circles? Canceled. Blemishes and dullness? Gone. This new concealer—part of Amani’s justifiably legendary Luminous Silk family—covers, corrects, and bathes skin in light.



Ask anyone who loves makeup—a professional artist, an influencer, or the pressed-for-time woman who’s mastered her five-minute face—and you’ll likely hear plenty of praise for Giorgio Armani Luminous Glow Foundation. Since launching 20 years ago, the liquid foundation has been a consistent best-seller (to the tune of 1,000 bottles each day!) thanks to its ability to give skin a natural-looking, radiant finish without appearing or feeling heavy. It is that rare classic beauty product that has spawned countless imitations, yet has found no equal.

Now, it’s finally met its match. Literally, that is, with the introduction of the Multi-Purpose Glow Concealer. Years in the making, it shares the best qualities of its sister foundation. Surprisingly for such a thin, practically weightless formula, it provides medium coverage—easily enough to hide dark circles and angry blemishes—yet doesn’t actually look or even feel like makeup. The effect is akin to being followed around by an Oscar-winning lighting designer; every angle becomes your good angle, and skin looks consistently even-toned and radiant. 

For you science buffs out there, the secret lies in the shape of the pigment particles. Most pigments are round, but Armani’s are flat, so they layer smoothly to build coverage without caking or creasing. As for that lit-from-within finish, it comes from micro-pearls that blur the look of fine lines while adding radiance. The formula has skin care benefits, too: Glycerin and vitamin E help skin retain moisture (especially good for the eye area!) while caffeine tamps down puffiness. 

And as for that "multipurpose" in the name? It’s a concealer first and foremost, but it also works wonderfully to correct makeup mistakes. (Just dab some on the error in question, then lightly roll with a cotton swab to pick up excess. Done. Flawless. Easy.) When applied in one shade lighter than your skin tone, it also doubles as a subtle highlighter for cheekbones and other areas that catch the light. However you use it, though, know this: To wear Luminous Silk even once is to fall in love with its luxurious texture and coverage. Anything else might as well be a polyester blend.



“This concealer is absolutely gorgeous! It’s the perfect combination of a sheer yet buildable formula.” —MOLLY R. STERN, Makeup Artist

“This concealer has so much radiance! I love how dewy it makes my dry skin look.” —MAI QUYNH, Makeup Artist

“Buildable, radiant coverage that feels light and airy. I’m in love!” —MÉLANIE INGLESSIS, Makeup Artist


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