A stylish, cordless trimmer for anywhere hair.



VIOLET STAFFERS and shoppers have long been devotees of Fur’s products to care for body hair. They’ve softened our strands, relieved our ingrowns, and smoothed our shave. Now, Fur has offered up a chic device for grooming hair from head to toe. This water-resistant, cordless tool also boasts an LED spotlight for added visibility, and promises to not cause irritation. Naturally, we were the first in line to give it a try, and quickly sent it off to our Committee of Industry Experts to get their invaluable feedback.   


Testers found the Fur Trimmer exceptionally easy to use and extremely versatile. They reported that they were able to use it everywhere and anywhere on the body, and got just the results they were looking for without any bumps or redness.

“This is the device we have been waiting our whole lives for! I won't go back to life without it. Makes it so easy to trim and shave anywhere on your body in a whole new way.”  

– KACIE CARTER, Chef and Nutritionist

“This trimmer was incredibly easy to use. I tried it wet and dry and it performed perfectly, no bumps! Plus it looks adorable sitting on my vanity.” – BRIDGET BRAGER, Hair Stylist

“This is genius. I love that you can use it on both wet and dry skin. Without the trimming guides, it gets just as close as a straight razor, and with the guides, it's the perfect trim for hair that you keep around. My man also used it to trim his facial hair.” – ASHLEY STREICHER, Hair Stylist


This product was genuinely life-changing for our testers, who obviously gave it an unanimous endorsement. With that, the Fur Trimmer is VIOLET CODE APPROVED and can now be found on THE SHELVES.


The VIOLET CODE is a process and set of standards by which VIOLET GREY’s Committee of Industry Experts separate hero products from the tens of thousands of options available to you on the market. The result is a curation that is truly the best in beauty from those who know best.