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Presenting the line-reducing serum that supermodel Linda Evangelista swears by.

Written By JAYME CYK


Linda Evangelista wholeheartedly admits that she’s been a spokesperson for a multitude of products that she’s never actually tried. But she can’t say the same for Erasa XEP-30, an anti-aging serum that uses a proprietary blend of neuropeptides to stimulate collagen growth, lighten dark spots, brighten the complexion, and ease facial muscle movement. Just think of it as a facelift in a bottle. 

Evangelista first encountered Erasa after the husband of esthetician Georgia Louise passed along a bottle to solicit her feedback. After trying the serum for a couple of weeks she noticed one day while tweezing her eyebrows how incredible her complexion looked. “Who ever looks in the mirror and says, ‘My skin looks good?’” she asks. “I started putting it on morning and night, and a week later, when I went to tweeze my eyebrows again, I was in shock. I noticed that my melasma was fading and that my pores looked smaller. I started running around my apartment with my mirror to get different light because I couldn’t believe what I saw.”

Evangelista estimates 85% of her melasma has disappeared in the two and half years that she’s been a devotee of Erasa XEP-30. Remarkably, she even saw a reduction in dark circles so drastic that she stopped using concealer. The supermodel fell so hard for Erasa XEP-30 that she reached out to the team of scientists behind the patented formula to learn more. They clicked, and Evangelista is now the brand’s creative director and vice president—and highly, highly dedicated spokesperson. 


“I love this serum. It has a very lovely smell, but it’s not too strong. The velvety texture sinks in and leaves my skin feeling silky. I also saw some softening of lines around the mouth.”—Melanie Inglessis, Makeup Artist

“I saw results after 10 days. Lines were smoother and my skin seemed firmer. I’m was so impressed by how quickly I noticed results.”—Lisa Storey, Makeup Artist


Apply a thin, even layer over clean skin morning and night over the entire face, under eyes, and décolletage. 

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The legendary model divulges her morning beauty routine and explains why Erasa XEP-30 is a skin care game-changer.