Collagen Renew
Growth Factor

A Brooklyn plastic surgeon’s stem-cell serum just might be the next best thing
to reversing time.



If you could turn back time, imagine the genius decisions you could make. You could buy Amazon stock for a pittance and retire a gazillionaire. You could impress your friends by “predicting” each year’s Academy Awards winners. You’d also appreciate your younger skin — its resilience, bounce, texture, and tone — more than you did at the time.

While most of those ideas are as fictional as a time-traveling DeLorean, you can encourage your skin to act younger than its actual age, thanks to Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton, a board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon in Brooklyn. She’s pored over the latest skin research and discovered that human growth factors — think of them as healing proteins — are a bigger contributor to healthy skin than previously known. When we’re young, our bodies produce copious amounts of human growth factors. But over time, the quantity diminishes, and our skin starts to show it.

The answer, from Dr. Jeanniton’s perspective? Return those specific human growth factors to the skin in a biocompatible serum. Her epi.logic Master Plan Collagen Renew Growth Factor Serum contains more than 300 high-quality human stem cell-derived growth factors and active proteins — a powerful complex that supports cell turnover to refine and repair skin. It’s bolstered by proven actives such as hyaluronic acid for intense moisture, lactic acid to gently exfoliate, and peptides to support collagen production.

The results are impressive. In a 30-day clinical study, 70 women between ages 30 and 60 were given a placebo serum or Master Plan to apply twice daily. Within only one week, the Master Plan applicants experienced a 10% reduction in wrinkle depth and length. By day 30, they saw a 22% average reduction, along with measurable improvements in skin tone. Dr. Jeanniton calls Master Plan the next best thing to a doctor’s office visit. You’ll call it the next best thing to a time machine.


“Stem cell-derived growth factors are an exciting ingredient category. This serum infused with them is light, spreads easily, and doesn’t irritate my skin.”  – DR. SONIA BATRA, Board-certified Dermatologist

“This serum absorbs into my skin immediately — and makes it so hydrated and bright!” – NILE ABBAI, Makeup Artist


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