Because your vagina deserves better.



Menstruating bodies are often the topic of political conversation. What’s not being discussed nearly as often, however, are the personal care products that serve nearly half the world’s population—and whether or not they’re actually safe. According to Environ Health Perspectives, a peer-reviewed journal, people in the United States alone spend over $2 billion per year on tampons, pads, feminine washes, and the like. While the management of menstrual cycles is big business, little is known about how the chemicals in these products — which are rapidly absorbed by the vagina — affect a person’s health.

Leave it to DeoDoc to reinvent the tampon. The brand’s team of female doctors observed that the majority of the tampons on the market are made of synthetic materials (such as rayon) that leave fiber residue inside the vagina. “Studies show that 15% of OB/GYN visits are due to irritation caused by menstruation care products,” explains Dr. Hedieh Asadi, co-founder of DeoDoc. To resolve this pervasive issue, the company developed a hypoallergenic tampon wrapped with a safety layer to prevent shedding. Free of viscose, rayon, or fragrance, this new-and-improved tampon is made of organic, non-chlorine bleached cotton and comes in regular or super to accommodate your flow. Even better: every aspect of this tampon (including the cardboard applicator) is biodegradable, making it better for both you and the planet. Period.


“Knowing that these organic tampons don't contain harmful chemicals or deodorants makes me feel safe. Plus, they're super easy to use.” — Simone Siegl, Makeup Artist

“They absorb well, even with my very heavy flow. I also love that these are environmentally friendly and fragrance-free.” —Melissa Hernandez, Makeup Artist

"I never knew that most tampons can leave synthetic fiber residue inside my vagina. No thanks! These cotton tampons keep me comfortable and leak-free — and give me greater peace of mind, too." — Lena Raff, Makeup Artist


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