christophe robin
color shield
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Brassy tones, faded hues, and breakage are often the side effects of coloring one's hair. Can Parisian top colorist Christophe Robin save your strands from such a fate? Mais oui!



Parisian women are famous for finding beauty in simplicity: an evening chignon, a classic red lip, sun-kissed highlights. But as anyone who’s ever stepped foot into a product-laden French pharmacy knows, this perceived ease doesn’t just happen. It is the result of loyalty to one’s beauty experts, meticulous attention to home regimens, and a belief in preventative measures. 

All of these attitudes converge at the Parisian salon of Christophe Robin, tucked away on a quiet street in the hip 2nd arrondissement. Robin, of course, is the trusted colorist of supermodels, screen legends (Catherine Deneuve!), and pop icons like Kylie Minogue. For those of us who can’t jet off to Paris to sit in his chair—which, in our current stay-at-home moment, is likely everyone—there is his eponymous collection of hair care, which allows anyone to benefit from Robin’s expertise. 

His newest creation for home care is Color Shield, a shampoo and mask designed to protect your color from fading. Given the many environmental stressors that strip color of its vibrancy—pollution, ultraviolet rays, chlorine—the duo is an insurance policy for buttery balayage, allover brunette, and every hue beyond. The shampoo (sulfate-free, bien sûr) contains a large dose of antioxidant vitamins, which flood the hair fiber to protect against oxidation that causes color to shift. Its acidic pH seals the hair cuticle to lock color pigments in (because yes, they can literally wash away) and increase shine. The mask builds upon these qualities with a generous dose of nut and seed oils, which deeply nourish and moisturize hair without leaving it greasy or weighed-down. 

Surprisingly, this is Robin’s first foray into a true protective shampoo and mask for all tones of color-treated hair, but what can we say? The man is a perfectionist. And hair is all the better (and brighter, and softer) for it.


“I would recommend this shampoo for anyone with color. Christophe is a genius when it comes to these shade-enhancing formulations.” —ASHLEY STREICHER, HAIRSTYLIST

“I think Christophe Robin’s treatments are the best in the industry. Parisians love their hair masks and this one made by a color genius is amazing.” —DJ QUINTERO, HAIRSTYLIST

“I had recently colored my hair and it felt a little flat. I’m not a lover of many shampoos, but this one definitely won me over. It left my hair clean with zero residue. And after using the mask, my hair looked like it had life again.” —CAROLA GONZALEZ, MAKEUP ARTIST


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