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Presenting the eyeshadow quad that demystifies the art of making eyes pop.

Written By JAYME CYK



Charlotte Tilbury is all about providing the how-to in makeup, and while thinking through her famed color collection she was adamant about simplifying the application. When Tilbury introduced her eponymous line in 2013, she launched with a range of looks based on beauty archetypes, from Rock Chick to Ingénue, and her instructions made it easy to morph into a more glamorous version of yourself in only a few steps.

Tilbury’s Luxury Eyeshadow Palettes are no exception. Each pigmented quad includes prime, enhance, smoke, and pop shades, giving you all the tools needed to create the perfect eye look, no matter the time of day.


“I love the Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Palette because of its versatility. The texture and payoff are superb! The colors blend easily together and can be applied as a wash or layered. One of my favorite things to do with The Queen of Glow Palette is apply a base shadow of the gold, then press the copper pigment lightly on the lid for a subtle gold-and-copper daytime eye. Just add a light coat of a lengthening mascara, and you’re good to go!”—Nathan Hejl, makeup artist

“I love the Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Palette because of the color payoff. It contains all the colors you need in one palette.”—Kira Nasrat, makeup artist



Apply the top two shades in a forward-and-back motion in the eye socket to enhance, and add the bottom two shades on the upper and lower lashlines to amp up your look. Don’t be surprised if strangers can’t help but make intense eye contact with you.

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