universal c
eye protector

How on earth have we lived without this instant eye-brightener?



Who needs eye cream? Each one of us whose goal it is to have smooth, bright, youthful-looking eyes. A cautionary tale for those who disagree: A longtime beauty editor subjected herself to one of those confounding Visia scans, (you know, the one that reveals your skin’s wrinkle destiny) after years of neglecting her eyes. Her future? Not so bright as it relates to crow’s feet and sagging—all lurking under the surface. 

But that doesn’t have to be our reality. While the delicate orbital area is one of the first to show signs of aging, there is a hero ingredient that can reverse damage and help prevent it from happening in the first place: dermatologist-loved, complexion-perfecting vitamin C. And that is precisely why we’re obsessing over this do-it-all, velvety cream that really, truly, makes a visible difference.

As any beauty product aficionado will tell you, slathering on vitamin C lends your skin an instant glowy, even tone, but the stuff has to be stabilized and seriously potent (which, unfortunately, due to said antioxidant’s inherent degradation factor, is a major R&D challenge for all involved). Luckily, BeautyStat founder Ron Robinson is a veteran science whiz kid who formulated a patented, stable form of 5% vitamin C that is made to last — and delivers on its promise — pump after pump. He’s also incorporated other wonder remedies like CBD, the buzzy natural anti-inflammatory that combats puffiness, plumping hyaluronic acid, and antioxidant green tea extract (that’s EGCG for you skin care nerds out there). 

This gentle elixir continues to appeal thanks to rigorous clinical trials and the omission of fragrance, phthalates, parabens, and dyes. And did we mention the silky, luxurious texture? Feels-like-butter minus the calories. Incorporate the Universal C Eye Protector into your daily routine and your Visia scan will be glorious.


“The delicate skin around my eye was instantly smoother. It’s also a great primer for makeup!”
—JENNA KRISTINA, Makeup Artist

“Melasma and freckles can develop with age and sun exposure easily around the eyes, so I appreciate the addition of brightening vitamin C in this formula. I love the smoothing texture and that I can tell it has a high concentration of actives, too.” —MOLLY GREENWALD, Makeup Artist

“This has a firming feeling and creates a nice smooth slip. Great to put makeup on top of, especially if you have a lot of texture under the eyes.” —JAMIE GREENBERG, Makeup Artist


As with every product on VIOLET GREY, the BeautyStat Universal C Eye Protector reached our shelves once a minimum of 70 percent of testers deemed it a winner. At that time, we added it to our skin care edit with the Violet Code’s official stamp of approval.


The VIOLET CODE is a process and set of standards by which VIOLET GREY’s committee of beauty industry experts and influencers separate hero products from the tens of thousands of options available to you on the market. The result is a curation that is truly the best in beauty from those who know best.