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We teamed up with the German scientist for an exclusive gravity-defying treatment.



It all started over dinner in Hollywood. Between appetizers and the main course, Melanie Griffith revealed her latest beauty obsession: a line of face creams from Augustinus Bader that were simultaneously groundbreaking and under the radar. Twenty-four hours later, our founder Cassandra Grey, had called Professor Bader directly to get the full lowdown and samples for testing. We launched Augustinus Bader's The Cream and The Rich Cream (now famously known as the face creams "That work!") in 2018 and were soon flooded with requests for a body cream of the same caliber. So, the German scientist got to work.

To ensure The Body Cream stacked up to the original formulas—think long-term hydration, instant glow, and younger-looking skin—Professor Bader infused the formula with his proprietary Trigger Factor Complex (TFC8), a revolutionary blend of amino acids, vitamins and synthesized molecules designed to awaken dormant stem cells and ramp up the body’s natural healing processes. He paired the breakthrough complex with soothing Brazilian candeia oil and nourishing shea butter to strengthen the skin’s barrier function and deeply moisturize. Needless to say, our expert testers couldn’t wait to get their hands on it.



“This is not an ordinary cream. The texture feels whipped and light in the hand, but envelopes your body with silky hydration that lasts. It includes the same high-tech science that is in their face creams, which makes it unlike anything else on the market.” —Joanna Czech, Esthetician

“I’m in love with this body cream. It makes my skin feel hydrated and lush, but never slick. Once again, Augustinus Bader has made a cream that radically works!” —Pati Dubroff, Makeup Artist

"Coming from Augustinus Bader, you expect The Body Cream to be amazing. Well, it's already a staple on my vanity! The buttery texture penetrates perfectly and leaves skin looking plump, supple, hydrated, and healthier than before." —Melanie Grant, Esthetician

“I use this on damp skin after a shower. Or as often as needed, anytime my skin is seriously dry.” —Katie Jane Hughes, Makeup Artist

“The Body Cream makes my parched skin lovely without being greasy or heavy.” —Ted Gibson, Hairstylist

“The Bader Cream is a luxury and now a staple in my kit. It nourishes the skin beautifully and leaves a slight sheen, which I love for editorial shoots or the red carpet.” —Sam Visser, Makeup Artist

“Since it’s fragrance-free, I love how I can wear perfume on my skin without it competing with the cream. It leaves my skin feeling super soft and moisturized, especially on dry spots like ankles, knees, and elbows. A total treat from head to toe.” —Kira Nasrat, Makeup Artist


The Body Cream received a unanimous approval from our expert committee, earning it the Violet Code seal and a spot on our shelf of exclusive must-haves.