the exfoliating
the essence

This three-in-one exfoliant, essence, and toner is one smooth operator.



Augustinus Bader, a pioneering German professor and renowned stem-cell researcher, has garnered a cult following that rivals that of his many A-list devotees, including Victoria Beckham, the English icon he recently teamed up with to launch two priming moisturizers and one supercharged serum. The man is a global skin care celebrity for good reason: His creams for face, body, and hands never fail to live up to the hype. Like the rest of his best-selling line, The Exfoliating Toner — the latest launch that recently rolled out alongside a new cleanser, face oil, body oil, and body lotion — doesn’t disappoint.

This unique three-in-one formula is a liquid triple threat for dull, dry skin. Packed with Professor Bader’s signature TFC8 Complex — a blend of amino acids, vitamins, and synthesized molecules that encourage cellular renewal and repair — this concentrated formula preps the complexion and helps any subsequent products penetrate better. It also contains a potent trio of hydroxy acids (salicylic, phytic, and gluconolactone), antioxidant-rich wasabi extract, skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, and anti-inflammatory white peony flower to simultaneously slough, soothe, hydrate, and protect.

The fact that you can streamline your daily routine by reaping the benefits of a mild chemical exfoliant, toner, and essence in one simple step sans redness makes it all the more appealing. Consider this breakthrough sensation multitasking at its finest. While it can’t exactly add more balance to your busy life, it does promise to check off multiple boxes on your beauty to-do list while instantly brightening skin. Smooth move, professor.


“A key step in any skin care routine. Not only does this toner help balance your skin’s pH, but it also boosts the benefits of any product you apply immediately after.” —Gina Marí, Esthetician 

“Unlike any toner I’ve ever used. It’s so refreshing and perfect for prepping skin.” —Bobby Eliot, Hairstylist

“I loved the way this instantly smoothed my pores. Game changer!” —Bridget Brager, Hairstylist


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