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hair turban

The game-changing hair turban that cuts your drying time in half.

Written By JAYME CYK


Whether you prefer to air-dry or blow-dry your mane, the Aquis Hair Turban is a must-have post-shower essential. Made with a proprietary technology, the ultra-fine fibers (think: thinner than silk) are woven to create a fast-working, water-wicking fabric that will not snag cuticles or cause friction. “Cotton does not have the ability to wick—it absorbs to a point and then is saturated and can’t absorb any more,” says Britta Cox, the brains behind Aquis. “Cotton fibers are large, rough, and knitted with loops (often called cotton “terry”), so they are very harmful to the hair cuticle, especially because they are used on hair when it is wet and in its most vulnerable state.”   

Years ago, Cox—an avid outdoors person (downhill and outback skiing) and an early adopter of functional fabrics—was exposed to materials designed to wick away sweat. “I originally created the fabric because cotton bath towels were the only thing available, and they did not work,” she says. “They did not remove the drippy water from my hair, and they’re heavy, bulky, and uncomfortable to use. No matter how I used them, water continued to drip down my back. I grew up with long hair and I usually let it air-dry, and I wanted a better solution.” The ultra-absorbent time-saver absorbs water five times faster than a traditional cotton towel, ultimately helping to preserve color and minimize frizz and breakage. Consider it the perfect solution when you want to leave home with damp strands instead of sopping hair.


“It made a massive difference to my drying process when I replaced the good ol’ cotton towel. The turban is gentle and great for curly or delicate hair that needs the gentlest of treatments.”—Tracey Cunningham, hairstylist

“I love it. It’s perfect for someone who needs their hair to dry quickly. You’ll definitely notice a difference in how much water it absorbs. I also like to use it to scrunch my hair.”—Jenny Cho, hairstylist

“This hair turban is great! I love the idea of using a special towel just for drying the hair. It really really soaks up the water and is not as bulky as a normal towel!”—Kylee Heath, hairstylist


After a bath or shower, gently squeeze excess water from hair. Then flip it forward, wrap, twist, and secure the loop around the button at the nape of the neck. Leave the turban on until hair is damp.