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A star facialist gives her signature face roller a high-tech upgrade.



Just a few years ago, the idea of facial massage was considered a perfectly lovely, but superfluous, component of skin care—something that felt relaxing during a spa treatment, but nothing that could actually, you know, improve the complexion.

How times have changed. Now, thanks to the simultaneous rise of enthusiastic Instagram mentions and recommendations from estheticians, a stone face roller is considered an essential part of a proper skin care regimen. (Chinese royals knew this hundreds of years ago, for what it's worth.) As the technique's modern-day proponents will profess, five minutes of daily rolling can de-puff, calm angry skin, release tension, and increase circulation.

Esthetician Angela Caglia, who learned her metier from Parisian skin experts, is known for her aesthetically gorgeous and luxurious rollers; her dreamy pink La Vie en Rose Face Roller is a well-constructed thing of beauty. Now, she's rolled out the next generation, the Rose Quartz Vibrating Roller. As the name suggests, it's made of rose quartz—a crystal whose energies are associated with love and self-care—that feels cool and calming as it glides over skin. With a twist of the base, the tool activates to deliver 6,000 sonic vibrations to skin each minute. This, in turn, gives skin a micromassage, stimulating blood flow and working the underlying facial muscles in a way that fingers alone cannot.

It feels wonderful, of course. And if this action were only to leave you feeling relaxed, that would still make this a worthy addition to your daily routine. (Let's face it, we could all use some comforting rituals right now.) But the remarkable thing about this tool is that it amplifies the benefits of traditional face rollers, so you see results right away. Cheeks and contours look more defined and toned. Puffiness recedes. Stress-related fine lines roll off the face. Since it's used after serum or cream application, it enhances product penetration, too, which makes your existing skin care even more effective. We're taking cues from Caglia herself, who recommends rolling during sheet mask use to help all of those active ingredients sink into skin.

Is a vibrating face roller a little extra? Sure! But considering how this elegant tool lifts your mood and your skin at the same time, nothing less will do.



“I’ve never been a huge fan of rollers; I honestly never see a difference most of the time. However, the vibrating effect of this particular roller definitely made a visible difference—my puffiness was almost gone!” —MISHA SHAHZADA, Makeup Artist

“This is the perfect roller because it gives you the option of adding the benefit of the vibration or not. Of course, you want the vibration, because it only makes the traditional rolling experience that much more effective.” —CHRISTOPHER MILES, Makeup Artist

“Rose quartz helps with inflammation and puffiness, but the vibration sculpts the face and takes away any built-up tension—especially on the 11s of the forehead and along the mouth and jaw area. It’s such a treat to use.” —MAI QUYNH, makeup artist


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