An all-natural mask that instantly exfoliates, brightens, hydrates, and soothes redness for impossibly-plump, radiant skin.

Written By LENA RAFF


There is an exciting, rare occurrence in the beauty world–a product hits the market and almost instantaneously achieves cult-status. VIOLET STAFFERS go absolutely nuts when this happens, for as much as we love hunting down the best in beauty, what we love even more is when our most discerning colleagues and clients let us know when we must add something to THE SHELVES. 

This is exactly what played out for the launch of Agent Nateur’s holi (bright) Resurface Glass Face Mask. As soon as it was announced, we started seeing it everywhere, from the kits of top makeup artists to the vanities of leaders in the natural beauty space. Director of VIOLET LAB, Sarah Brown, even started receiving emails, texts, and DMs from her most skin care-obsessed Industry contacts. These folks were all but banging down our doors to tell us about their new favorite mask, and were demanding to know when we were going to carry it. With our FOMO fully activated, STAFFERS immediately phoned our friends at Agent Nateur to request that they send us samples, stat. Luckily, the brand was kind enough to oblige, and popped in the post what was to become our new favorite mask treatment.


Instantly upon trying this facial-in-a-jar, it was crystal-clear what all the fuss was about. All it took for us to be hooked was one application (with the brand’s perfectly-sized brush) of this cooling mask that smelled like a spa–STAFFERS reported skin that was deeply hydrated, less red, and much smoother, with improved texture and tone. Even those among us with sensitivity or sunburns could safely tolerate the active ingredients (like exfoliating lactic acid and brightening vitamin C) as they were perfectly-balanced with soothing aloe vera and revitalizing, collagen-promoting French silk peptides. 

As we had become immediately addicted to the plump, dewy, glowing skin this mask delivered, STAFFERS were thrilled to discover that the gentle treatment was designed to be used several times a week, so we could apply it as often as our hearts desired without risking irritation. Soon, we were reaching for it as a regular part of our nighttime routines, as a skin-saver after too much sun, and as a radiance-booster that eliminated any unwanted, makeup-grabbing texture before nights out and special occasions. Unquestionably, this was one product destined for approval from the Committee of Industry Experts.  

“This is such a soothing, plumping, and super-hydrating mask. My skin fell in love! It gives the professional masks I use in my treatment room a run for their money.”


“OBSESSED doesn’t even begin to cover it–I saw brightening, tightening, and lifting effects after one use. It’s effective without being overly active and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.”

—ASHLEY CORNETT, Makeup Artist

“This is a great at-home treatment–I experienced a nice cooling effect with no irritation and felt hydrated immediately afterwards.”

—JOANNA CZECH, Esthetician


Unique in its formulation as an exfoliating treatment that also hydrates, plumps, and calms redness and irritation, Agent Nateur’s holi (bright) Resurface Glass Face Mask is a truly universal product for all skin types and all ages that improves skin from every angle–reducing wrinkles and dark spots, soothing irritation, firming, tightening, resurfacing, promoting collagen, and moisturizing. Testers and STAFFERS who tried this mask refuse to ever live without it again, making it officially VIOLET CODE APPROVED and a go-to fixture of THE SHELVES. 


The VIOLET CODE is a process and set of standards by which VIOLET GREY’s Committee of Industry Experts separate hero products from the tens of thousands of options available to you on the market. The result is a curation that is truly the best in beauty from those who know best.