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A renowned plastic surgeon reveals a just-improved supplement for healthier, fresher-looking skin—created with a little help from space scientists.



When most of us look up at the starry night sky, our minds fill with wonder. The same goes for London-based plastic surgeon Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, but his thinking leans a little more NASA than most. As the founder of 111SKIN, he has spent years working with scientists responsible for the well-being of astronauts—the people who encounter more intense doses of the same radiation and pollution responsible for skin damage back on Earth. Together, they developed 111SKIN's patented NAC Y² formula, a high-performance blend of peptides and antioxidants to stave off the signs of aging.

Now, drawing inspiration from the original vitamins given to astronauts, Dr. Alexandrides is unveiling 111SKIN Reparative Beauty Dose, a new and improved full-spectrum antioxidant supplement. As with the capsules taken in space, the goal is to support the body in fighting damage at the cellular level. Unlike the astro-pioneers, though, this supplement is also out to make your skin look absolutely phenomenal: glowing, plump, smooth, and youthful. 

Best used as a complement to a varied, healthy diet, Reparative Beauty Dose is loaded with vitamins and minerals that do the heavy lifting. Vitamins A, C, and E encourage allover radiance, increase cell turnover, and discourage dryness. Coenzyme Q10 neutralizes free radicals to better protect the production of collagen and elastin, which keep skin bouncy and firm. And NAC (aka N-acetylcysteine) boosts levels of glutathione—the “master antioxidant” responsible for maintaining the protective functions that healthy skin needs. The more glutathione available to your body, the better your skin can defend and repair itself, and the healthier your complexion looks.  

Of course, you might be able to create similar benefits by strategically planning every single meal to achieve this precise blend of micronutrients. Alternatively, you could just take three Reparative Beauty Dose capsules daily, along with a meal chosen for its ability to nourish your body and delight your palate. Given those choices, well—it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.



“I noticed an improvement in the overall radiance and clarity of my skin within one week.” —MICHAEL ASHTON, Makeup Artist

“My skin is visibly brighter and blemish-free.” —MELISSA HERNANDEZ, Makeup Artist


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