A note about the VIOLET GREY hair curation from editorial director Christina Han.


Dear friends,
I, by true virtue, standards, morals and love, do not ever covet another’s husband, but I will admit to precisely one moment in my life when I thought, “Oh, wouldn’t that be nice?” My electric envy occurred, briefly, when I once met a woman whose husband was a hairstylist. The man essentially vowed to blow-dry and style her hair according to her whim: on days when she preferred Kate Moss’ tousled look or before events that require ball gowns — on any given day, for that matter. She could have a good hair day, every day.  
For the rest of us whose happily-ever-afters do not include such hair luck, we rely on the advice and assistance of experts to supply us with all of the necessary tools, tips and secrets to great hair.   

I remember when VIOLET GREY’s founder, Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey, traveled from Los Angeles to New York to inquire about the types of secrets I might be willing to divulge on the subject of beauty. With more than eight years of experience as a beauty editor (my alma maters include VogueW and New York Magazine’s The Cut) and countless hours willingly spent in front of a mirror, I was thrilled to divulge nearly everything I loved about hair, makeup, skin and nails to such a captive audience. We discussed important topics such as the color of Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes (VIOLET GREY’s namesake), which mascara changed my life (Serge Lutens Cils Cellophane) and how I’ve managed to maintain the complexion of a 12-year-old (deals were made with the devil). And just as Cassandra has succeeded in curating the very best products for the Industry’s Beauty Edit, she has also procured the best advice in the industry from artists, influencers and editor/experts like myself (consider horn tooted — toot) for VIOLET GREY.   

Along with a talented team of editors (much gratitude goes to Lexy Lebsack, Evelyn Crowley and Christine Lennon), I have tirelessly sought out every need-to-know hair secret there ever was. The fruits of our labor have been held to the standards of The Violet Code.   

Every product has rightfully earned its spot on The Shelves at and The Shelves at the store on Melrose Place. Each one was discovered on location, in a dressing room or pulled directly from the kits of hairstylists during a visit to VIOLET GREY HQ. The Violet Code mandates that every product is vetted, tested and authenticated by those who are on speed dial for some of the industry’s best tressed. The result of this very rigorous process (never has our hair looked better) is a spectacular curation of simply the best in hair.   

A glimpse into our endeavors…

On location for photo shoots with January Jones, Liv Tyler, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Vanessa Paradis, Margot Robbie, Chanel Iman and Ellen Barkin, we sifted through 100-pound kits and inquired about every canister, spray bottle and hairpin inside. We jotted down exactly how many spritzes of hairspray are considered too many (and the approximate amount to be Jean Shrimpton–pretty) and why a specific Japanese boar-bristled brush will change your life for the better.

On the subject of dry shampoo, we noted from star stylist Serge Normant, known for crafting va-va-voom hair on clients like Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker, that the oil-absorbing wonder spray is almost always best used as a texturizing or volumizing styling product (and not actually for cleansing the scalp).  

On blow-dryers, we learned that hairstylists Alex Polillo (responsible for Alice Eve’s easy, undone look) and Mara Roszak (whose clients include Emma Stone, Thandie Newton and Olivia Wilde) trust the power, performance and durability of an Italian-made hair dryer.  

On hair masks, we tested and verified Ashley Streicher’s (of Streicher Secrets) findings that an entire evening dedicated to the maintenance of hair — particularly after a day at the beach — is most necessary, most reparative and most likely to become a regular step in your hair routine.  

On French pre-shampoo and scalp treatments, sought-after stylist Jenny Cho (Amanda Seyfried and Jennifer Lawrence are clients) once stopped by the VIOLET GREY offices to alert us of their existence and inform us that true hair happiness cannot be achieved without them.  

In all, only 101 out of the thousands of products and tools we investigated survived the evaluation and made the cut. With the proud introduction of the hair curation, VIOLET GREY will further continue to be your trusted resource for beauty and polish. Now please accept my invitation to peruse #VIOLETHair on The Shelves and read The Violet Files to achieve the kind of style deserving of a dedicated Champagne toast…  

Cheers to a good hair day, every day.
Christina Han
Editorial Director, VIOLET GREY    

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