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Dear friends and confidants,

When I gave up my third-floor walkup in Manhattan's West Village to move to Los Angeles, my first goal was to achieve a suntan.

The second was to learn how to remove the cellulite from the back of my thighs.

The third was to figure out how to properly use the navigation system in my new car.

The fourth was to learn how to drive.

And to borrow the words of Salvador Dalí— my ambition has grown steadily ever since.

The goal of utmost importance, however, was to execute on a vision, which I believed would revolutionize the way we consume beauty. As someone who is persistently on the search for the best, the options available in the beauty universe were vast and overwhelming. A highly curated selection of product from a trusted source is what I knew I was missing.

I started to build the beauty destination that I always wanted. However, I wasn’t going to achieve this goal on my own. It became my mission to collaborate with makeup artists, nail artists, hair stylists and skin care professionals to pinpoint the best in beauty; and ultimately celebrate these artists and their artistry that is often displayed on some of the most famous faces in the world.

Hollywood’s newest mogul-in-the-making is giving vintage GLAMOUR the 21st-century digital treatment.


The creative process with the artists began where all good creative conversations tend to begin—on an elegant-but-comfortable couch. That couch, my favorite couch, a Sue et Mare couch, was ensconced in a former 1920s apartment on Melrose Place, soon to be known as VIOLET GREY.

It started as a private dressing studio for movie stars and their beauty teams. We hoarded magazine tears, vintage jewels, books, gowns, and anything shiny. Its storied walls (the space was formerly owned by legendary architect John Elgin Woolf) were lined with white file boxes stacked from floor-to-ceiling, filled with everything from the best under eye concealer to the beauty tests of Natalie Wood.

The space naturally evolved into a resource for beauty and polish— the sole reason for which VIOLET GREY exists today.
Along with Hollywood’s leading beauty experts, artists, and specialists, we have been curating the best in beauty for VIOLET GREY. Every product on our site or in our store has satisfied the necessary elements outlined in the Violet Code, which includes an intense and rigorous vetting process by the artists. 

Only the best for baby.


Founder and Chief Creative Officer of VIOLET GREY

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In polite society, it’s IMPOLITE to withhold a BEAUTY secret, particularly if that secret is VIOLET GREY.
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