Hairstylist Kristen Shaw and Playa founder Shelby Wild demonstrate how to get chic, tousled French girl hair with a California twist. 

Gluten-free croissants. Red wine juice cleanses. Nouvelle Vague superhero movies. There are plenty of arguments against trying to combine French and Californian cultures. But there’s a compelling exception to the rule of never mixing Paris and Los Angeles: hair. Think about it. It’s hair that’s not too stringy, not too bouncy—just chic, tousled and unfussy. 

Fortunately for us, Kristen Shaw is fluent in both languages (fittingly, she greeted us at Cabin, her private Venice studio, in a tricot rayé). The hairstylist, who tends to the tresses of Chloe Sevigny, Olivia Munn and Michelle Dockery, specializes in the kind of universally cool look that transcends time zones. Luckily for us, Shaw invited VIOLET GREY to watch along as she gave Shelby Wild, the founder of hair care brand Playa, “soft, textured beach waves—a French-girl-meets-California style.”

Another thing that women in both locales have in common? A vast preference for low-effort styling techniques. Accordingly, Shaw’s “bigger, looser waves” require only one's fingers (no tools!) and a thoughtful deployment of Playa’s all-natural products. Cool hair that’s super-easy to emulate? OMG oui! To learn more, watch the full tutorial above.