how to
boost your skin
from within

It’s a legitimate question: Do supplements actually do anything for your complexion? A dermatologist and a naturopath say yes—if you know which ones to try.

Photography By GUY AROCH

Your mother always said that beauty comes from the inside out. No doubt she was referring to your sparkling personality, but it's true in the literal sense as well. The new generation of supplements aims to give you more energy, better skin, and perhaps even a bigger brain. More potent and rigorously researched than the snake-oil ingestibles of the past, these should make you feel as good inside as you'll look outside. So if you didn't believe Mom back then, hear us out now: these are the powders, pills, and elixirs poised to nail that inner-outer beauty thing once and for all.

If you can't steal away for a week-long retreat at The Ranch in Malibu, you can still get a taste of the good life at home. Complete Greens is a powdered blend of raw superfoods and plant protein—all designed to improve energy and restore radiance to dull and tired skin. It's organic, raw, vegan, and devoid of unpronounceable chemical additives. "When people are choosing supplements, it's important to look for those that are free from binders, fillers, colors and artificial ingredients," says Nigma Talib, ND, a Los Angeles-based naturopathic doctor, whose client list includes Sienna Miller and Penelope Cruz. This one more than fits the bill—and just happens to be delicious when mixed into smoothies, plant milks, or just plain water.
Unless you've been locked in a room watching DARE videos on repeat, you've probably heard about the current darling of the wellness world: cannabidiol, a chemical compound of cannabis, better known as CBD. "CBD does help with sleep and works as an anti-inflammatory," Dr. Talib says. In other words, a few drops can make you feel nice and mellow (but not buzzed, since it's separate from THC, a psychoactive compound). But not all CBD is equally pure or powerful. Lord Jones' Royal Oil is both. One bottle contains 1,000 milligrams of broad-spectrum CBD oil and grapeseed oil—nothing more, nothing less—and is lab-tested to ensure potency. Massage it into aching muscles for relief, add a few drops into your face cream for a glow-giving antioxidant boost, or take it internally to make stress vanish.


Collagen makes your lips plump, your cheeks bouncy, and your skin healthy—and alas, over time, our bodies' production of it slows down. Enter the collagen supplement, fish edition. "Some studies of marine collagen supplements show they can increase skin hydration, firmness, and elasticity, and improve skin texture when taken over weeks to months," says Jessica Wu, MD, a Los Angeles dermatologist and author of Feed Your Face. She adds that not all, however, are necessarily beneficial. "I advise my patients who are thinking about taking a supplement to check the label or website to make sure that the one they are considering has been clinically tested." Sourced from wild fish skins, Shore Magic Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen has been. Last year, biotechnology researchers determined that this premium-quality powder is 95 percent bioavailable, which means your body can efficiently absorb more of it—and there are even signs that it may help the brain create new neurons.


Gut health is so hot right now, and with good reason: a healthy microbiome is linked to everything from banishing bloat to keeping skin calm, clear, and youthful. Probiotics have garnered the most attention over the past few years, but prebiotics are just as crucial to a well-tended system. "Prebiotics are fibrous foods that nourish the probiotics ('good' bacteria) in your gut and help them flourish," says Dr. Wu. "Think of prebiotics as 'fertilizer' for the good bacteria." The Nue Co. cleverly pairs these two beneficially codependent ingredients in one potent (as in 15-billion-spores-per-dose potent) package. Better still, unlike the version at the health food store, these vegan capsules don't require refrigeration—making them the very stable genius of your supplement lineup.

Given what your skin encounters in an average day, you really should be using a daily antioxidant serum to protect it from external stressors such as pollution and ultraviolet radiation. (If you're not, note that we do offer overnight shipping on Melanie Simon Serum C.) But radiant, even-toned skin relies on internal health, too, which is why an antioxidant-rich supplement is so valuable. "I recommend that my patients use both topical and oral antioxidants to protect their skin’s collagen from the inside and outside," says Dr. Wu. We're partial to The Nue Co.'s aptly named Skin Filter, whose hero ingredients include vitamin A, vitamin C, zinc, and champagne grape seed. Together, these nutrients are superheroes of cell repair, brightening, and reducing inflammation. Take one pill daily and call the paparazzi in the morning—because the skin of your dreams deserves to be documented.
In an era when our collective attention span is… wait, what were we talking about again? Brain fog and constant distraction is all too common, making the promise of functional memory recall and calm-headed focus seem like a dream. And yet, this all-natural and caffeine-free cognitive supplement is completely, utterly real—and effective, too, thanks to a mix of research-backed ingredients. (A 2017 study, for instance, suggests that one of them, L-Theanine, can improve symptoms of depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbance, while another report produced findings in support of Lion’s mane mushroom, also found in Nootro-Focus, for its ability to help boost neuronal function.) Even more impressive: clinical studies show that memory and recall are improved within six weeks of taking this unique blend. Are "smart pills" the future? No—they're already here.