...and invented by Augustinus Bader.


photography by naj jamai

RE: Highly anticipated Augustinus Bader The Body Cream is Violet Code-approved and now available exclusively at VIOLET GREY on Melrose Place and on VIOLETGREY.COM
July 17, 2019

With the exception of our intimate wipes, formulated by gynecologists for the female anatomy, everything we have tested, approved, and stocked is genderless. The days of serving 98-percent women at the beauty counter are over. In fact, the beauty counter as your mother knew it, is also over. The new beauty counter is located in your pocket and likely communicating to a wireless device implanted in your ear right now, as you commute to your shared work space in your electric car. Having just experienced an epic Pride Month, “Maybe SHE’S Born With It...” seems like it is from the Dark Ages. (Even Maybelline acknowledged this when they signed Manny Gutierrez as a face a couple years back.) Maybe “they” are worth it, and maybe that should be the new industry anthem of every beauty company in the world. The Times They Are A-Changin’. While it's no longer PC to suggest vanity is only for women, money still makes the world go round and it is my unpopular belief that some of the best things in life are still not free. Like a first class airline ticket, for example, or a revolutionary technological invention such as the Iphone XS Max or The Cream, The Rich Cream, and now The Body Cream by Professor Bader—all expensive but worth it.

I have hundreds of near-desperate DMs asking for a body cream. Because when you start doing treatments on your face, you NEED everything from the neck down to match.


Just over a year ago, we introduced you to the now famous face cream by Professor Augustinus Bader, one of the world’s leading stem cell and biomedical scientists of our time. (Look him up: He’s based out of Leipzig University in Germany). The Cream quickly became a staple in your routines claiming a spot next to other top shelf mainstays such as the Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum and Melanie Simon Serum C. Almost immediately after you saw the results of Bader’s face cream, you began demanding something for the body. I have hundreds of near-desperate DMs asking for a body cream. Because when you start doing treatments on your face, you need everything from the neck down to match. Did you know plastic surgery on your knees is a thing? I’m not saying skin care can give you the instant results of plastic surgery. What I am saying is that breakthroughs are happening and a consistent routine can keep your skin tight and glowy at a fraction of the cost—and without the risk of a botched situation. Augustinus Bader is certainly delivering on that.
He’s one of those rare people who seems less motivated by getting rich and more motivated by scientific innovation that has the power to heal. The topical creams are making our largest organ—our skin—look better, yet he’s also focused on developing treatments to heal children and animals, and restoring other organs like our livers or spleens. In short, the skin care line will help fund his research, and with every jar purchased, you will be supporting one of the great minds of today. But let’s face it (pun intended) the big reason to invest in any one of the creams—they work.

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