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Introducing at-home skincare technology that delivers instant (and long-term) results.
Written By Jayme Cyk

On our eternal hunt for unique and effective skincare devices, this one stood out from the pack. ZIIP, the brainchild of “electrical esthetician” Melanie Simon, uses nano-current technology to stimulate elastin and collagen production—from the comfort of your vanity. The sleek, user-friendly device links up to an iPhone app that features everything from how-to videos to new treatment routines (current options target dry skin, signs of age, and acne). The result rivals that of a spa facial, with immediately luminous, lifted, younger-looking skin. Our community of artists is besotted. Jenn Streicher, for one, reports using the ZIIP to give clients instantly chiseled cheekbones before big premieres (and utilizing one on herself for firming when off-duty).


ON SET: Immediately awakens skin for an unspeakably early call time. 

ON THE RED CARPET: Preps and plumps the complexion in advance of opening night. 

ON THE VANITY: Makes blemishes vanish as quickly as they appear.  


“I love that the ZIIP is so easy to use! It’s small yet powerful, and targets many skin concerns. My clients love it because the results are instant and the treatment feels good. Plus, there’s no pain or downtime.”—Rania Saleh, Dallas-based esthetician

November 16, 2015—Artist Profile: Melanie Simon


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ZIIP Lips:

ZIIP creator Melanie Simon gives an exclusive tutorial on the at-home treatment that yields fuller lips in just 4 minutes.