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yves durif


Presenting the Italian made, ivory-hued resin brush that instantly detangles hair.

Written By JAYME CYK


Known for his namesake salon perched on the third floor of New York City’s Carlyle Hotel, French hairstylist Yves Durif has won the steadfast trust and loyalty of his sophisticated clientele for the past 45 years thanks to his nouvelle vague aesthetic and his love of French glamour. 

To accompany his much-loved comb, a kit essential he uses on all his clients, Durif is now unveiling a Italian ivory-hued resin brush that has the ability to detangle hair—whether wet or dry—in a snap. A must-have for top hairstylists like Mara Roszak and Leanne Citrone, the sleek tool stimulates circulation in the scalp and helps release natural oils and distribute them to thirsty ends. It is also an ideal smoothing companion when heat styling. 


“This is my favorite daily brush yet! What sets it apart isn’t only its beauty, but it’s strong bristles that allow for an effortless detangle. It’s somehow lightweight, but sturdy at the same time. Hair is naturally more vulnerable to breaking when wet, I see the most damage during the brushing process, so it’s essential to have the Yves Durif Brush.”—Mara Roszak, hairstylist

“It’s so pretty, and it went through the hair really nicely when wet.”—Leanne Citrone, hairstylist

“This brush has a nice handle that feels great to hold. I found it works best with fine to medium hair.”—Adam Campbell, hairstylist

“I had my client brush through her hair after washing with a clarifying shampoo and no conditioner. The brush detangles without pulling, and she said it felt fantastic on her scalp. It is definitely a must-have.”—Derek Yuen, hairstylist


August 8, 2016


August 29, 2016

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