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The multitasking elixir that blends 22 oils and promotes a luminous, clear complexion.
Written By Jayme Cyk

During VIOLET GREY’s curation event last November, Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum was clearly a hot-ticket item. A multitude of attending makeup artists (Jenn Streicher, Lauren Andersen, Sabrina Bedrani, Mary Phillips) had already tried (and gotten hooked on) the multitasking miracle oil, or they wanted to give it a go. “I love how this oil feels clean, luxurious, and earthy,” says Andersen, while Streicher praised its hydrating and radiance-enhancing abilities.

You can thank brand founder April Gargiulo (apparently, she no longer wears makeup because of the serum’s clarifying powers) for creating the elixir, which blends 22 active nourishing oils, including grapeseed, avocado, and hazelnut, to moisturize and smooth the complexion, curtail signs of aging, calm inflammation, and boost radiance. It can even help keep acne at bay. The name Vintner’s Daughter stems from Gargiulo’s background in winemaking, which informs the eight-week, temperature-controlled extraction process she uses to create her proprietary blend. We’ll toast to that. 


ON SET: Delivers radiance to skin when a photo shoot calls for a literal no-makeup makeup look.

ON THE RED CARPET: The perfect product to prep the complexion the evening before a blockbuster film premiere.

ON THE VANITY: Firms, smooths, clarifies, and softens skin within just a few weeks.


“This serum is a miracle worker. I used it after getting a bad sunburn, and it restored my skin in no time and didn’t make me break out.”—Sabrina Bedrani, makeup artist

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