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indigo soothing body butter

The blue-toned body lotion that softens skin and alleviates irritation.
Written By Jayme Cyk

Amid a personal introduction to the Soothing Silk Body ButterTatcha founder Vicky Tsai explained the history of the cream’s core ingredient, Japanese indigo, which delivers powerful anti-inflammatory relief to irritated skin. During the Edo Period, 1603–1868, Japan’s samurai wore a layer of indigo-dyed cotton under their armor to help heal injuries and fend off snakes and mosquitos during their expeditions. Tsai developed a modern beauty answer to the ancient samurai-wear: a rich cream starring the celebrated plant. Many members of VIOLET GREY’s artist community are fans. Makeup artists Carola GonzalezJamie Greenberg, and Beau Nelson love the hydrating formula and its nonsticky, nongreasy texture, which Nelson deems perfect for hot summer days.


ON SET: Rapidly soothes skin after an outdoor photo shoot in prickly hot temperatures.

ON THE RED CARPET: Provides silky smooth legs to complement that slinky black dress.

ON THE VANITY: Softens and repairs sun-damaged skin after one too many hours poolside.


“This unique product glides on like a butter, but turns into a hydrating body oil. You don’t need to use much; a little goes a long way. And I love the fresh, subtle scent.”—Carola Gonzalez, makeup artist


June 10, 2016 

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