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The must-have lip stain that lasts from morning to evening.
Written By Jayme Cyk

In 2013, The Violet Files Editorial Director and longtime Serge Lutens fan Christina Han made her first pilgrimage to the French beauty brand’s Paris boutique. There she was drawn to an angular black bottle perched on one of the shelves. It was Serge Lutens Water Lip Color, a translucent beauty essential that successfully imitates a natural flush. Known for its gel-like finish, the formula dries down to the perfect stain, and won’t transfer onto your significant other’s lips when he inevitably leans in for a kiss. Makeup artist Shane Paish deems it an evening-clutch necessity because of its hydrating properties: “It stays all day without drying the lips like other stains can.” 


ON SET: Lips stay tinted even after five cups of coffee during an eight-hour photo shoot.

ON THE RED CARPET: Keeps color in place through a gauntlet of cheek kisses. 

ON THE VANITY: Will outlast an eight-course meal. 


“The gelée consistency is great because it’s not sticky and it applies really smoothly. It leaves a wonderfully natural, not overly pigmented finish on the lips. It’s the perfect tint!”—Melanie Inglessis, makeup artist


October 23, 2015: Best-In-Show Berry Lips

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