All eyes on the ultimate stay-all-day lash enhancer.
Written By Jayme Cyk

While sipping green juice during a team meeting, VIOLET GREY’s Melrose Place makeup artists unanimously raved about the staying power of Serge Lutens’ Comb Mascara. Among the reasons for their enthusiasm? The mascara’s unique waterproof macadamia-oil formula, which conditions, elongates, and refines lashes, plus its comb applicator, which helps separate and sculpt. Before we had finished our juice, it was clear that Lutens’ eye-opener would become a new beauty wardrobe essential.

ON SET: Proven to keep lashes long and flake-free through 12-hour photo shoots.

ON THE RED CARPET: Glides on smoothly for an eye makeup look that smolders in any and all paparazzi snaps. 

ON THE VANITY: Separates, lengthens, and sculpts, eliciting significant lash envy among your friends.
“It makes my lashes super long and separated—they almost look fake. Plus, they never clump.”—Lori Young, makeup artist
March 1, 2015—Original Look: The Jade Smoky Eye

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