The luxurious cream that revitalizes and hydrates skin after only one application.
Written By Jayme Cyk
A beauty colleague of The Violet Files’ Editorial Director Christina Han met with Royal Fern founder Dr. Timm Golueke in New York last summer, and emerged with rave reviews and the insistence that Han give it a go. The brand’s anti-aging cream is, as the name implies, infused with extracts from the royal fern—an ingredient that has outlasted the dinosaurs and is known for repairing and preventing existing damage like inflammation and hyperpigmentation. The unique formula is also designed to release the moisturizing effects of the plant complex for twelve hours following application.

Within a few days of speaking to Dr. Golueke, the clean, matte white jar landed on Han’s desk. After experiencing its fast-acting luminizing results, she was sold.
ON SET: Revitalizes skin after the face is stripped of camera-ready makeup.

ON THE RED CARPET: The perfect hydrating primer for creating a smooth canvas.

ON THE VANITY: Awakens skin in a flash.
“After two weeks of use, I noticed an increase in luminosity; after a month, more evenness in pigmentation.”—Christina Han, Editorial Director, The Violet Files
January 29, 2016

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