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RMS Beauty 

Master mixer

Spotlighting the multitasking rose-gold highlighter that can be used alone or blended with your favorite blush, foundation, or shadow.
Written By Jayme Cyk

During her master class at VIOLET GREY, RMS Beauty founder and makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift presented the Master Mixer, her latest all-natural coconut oil–infused highlighter. Dipping her finger into the creamy rose-gold pot, Swift (a favorite of Gisele) explained that this multitasking beauty essential can blend seamlessly with any lip, cheek, or eye to brighten different facial features. VIOLET GREY’s artist community was equally enthusiastic during our curation event. Mary Phillips, Kira Nasrat, and Merrady Wickes were just a few of the names who raved about the Master Mixer. “It’s also great for people who want a little pop of color,” says Nasrat. “When used as a highlighter (or mixed with foundation), it makes you look like you spent some time in the sun!”


ON SET: The perfect highlighter to brighten a fading makeup look after hours on location.

ON THE RED CARPET: Provides a lit-from-within appearance that will have every paparazzo’s lens pointed at you.

ON THE VANITY: Gives a flush of color and a youthful glow that rivals the results of a trip to a Swiss spa.


“I now want every product from RMS—the texture of this highlighter feels amazing. The color is stunning, sheer, super chic, buildable, and blendable. I could see this being a staple in many a kit or makeup bag!”—Mary Phillips, makeup artist


May 10, 2016

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