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may lindstrom

the blue cocoon

Highlighting the blue-toned beauty balm that soothes skin.
Written By Jayme Cyk
Upon meeting beauty entrepreneur May Lindstrom, the first things you’ll notice are her glowing complexion and warm demeanor—traits that dovetail nicely with her artisanal skincare line. The healing Blue Cocoon, which morphs into oil upon contact with the skin, is the hero of her wild-harvested beauty brand. Its captivating blue hue comes from the formula’s integral blue tansy ingredient, which offers up intense nourishing powers. When massaged into the face, the cream not only hydrates and calms (the blend contains a natural antihistamine), but also puts its users into a deep state of relaxation thanks to its aromatherapeutic herbaceous scent. Makeup artist Kate Lee loves using it as a complexion-softening night cream, while VIOLET GREY’s Merrady Wickes praises its ability to heal dry and inflamed skin. 
ON SET: The perfect remedy for calming redness during a big campaign shoot.

ON THE RED CARPET: A luxurious overnight treatment to nourish the complexion before a battery of live interviews.

ON THE VANITY: De-stresses skin and mind with its enchanting scent and botanical ingredients.
“I’ve been a fan of the Blue Cocoon since I caught my first waft of that delicious scent! I keep it on hand for photo shoots because of the blue tansy’s amazing ability to calm irritated skin. I also love it for its finish—it leaves skin looking hydrated and incredibly glowy. I’ll often spritz The Jasmine Garden Mist and then work a fingertip-size amount of the Blue Cocoon into the face, concentrating on the orbital area, cheekbones, and forehead, and around the base of the nose. I also love to press it around the lips to target fine lines.” —Katey Denno, makeup artist
April 26, 2016


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