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 Strobe cream

Spotlight on the creamy highlighter that leaves skin glowing.
Written By Jayme Cyk

Strobing may be all the rage in 2016, but MAC Strobe Cream—a unique liquid highlighter made from iridescent mineral pigments—pioneered the artform when it launched in 2000. Ever since, in-the-know professionals have been using it judiciously to moisturize, refresh, and brighten tired skin, sometimes mixing with foundation for an allover luminous effect (do try this at home). The highlighter is a lifesaver for MAC makeup artists backstage during Fashion Week (they collectively go through more than 400 tubes in one season). And its popularity reigns supreme among non-MAC artists as well. New York–based makeup artist Violette loves to apply foundation and then dab the Strobe Cream on the T-zone. She says this trick makes your skin look flawless, like you’re not wearing foundation. Stephen Sollitto is a fan of the cream’s beautiful luster and nourishing mix of ingredients, which include vitamins and green tea.

ON SET: Complements your diamonds (and décolletage) in a jewelry editorial. 

ON THE RED CARPET: Illuminates cheekbones against the paparazzi’s flashes. 

ON THE VANITY: Invigorates the complexion in time for drinks after a 12-hour workday.
“Unlike most luminizers, which are on the warm side, Strobe Cream has a violet sheen, giving skin a chic, cool glow. I love using it alone to brighten up the face, or strategically as a highlighter. I’ve also been known to mix it into foundation to bring a brightness to the skin, and to use it on the body and legs as a sort of liquid stocking. Bottom line: It’s a must-have for anyone!”—Gregory Arlt, MAC makeup artist
October 13, 2015—Original Look: The Glitter Eye


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