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la prairie

 anti-aging eye & lip

The ultimate eye and lip compact for rejuvenating hydration on the go.

Written By JAYME CYK


When La Prairie introduced its Anti-Aging Eye & Lip Perfect À Porter in 2013, the brand fulfilled makeup artist Pati Dubroff’s desire for the ultimate touch-up multi-tasker.” It’s a genius sleek compact that offers hydration to the two areas that need it most,” she says of the beauty essential, which houses a rich lip balm and an under-eye booster. “It never leaves my purse or kit.” The sophistication of both formulas warrants Dubroff’s obsession. The balm hydrates and nourishes parched pouts while leaving behind a subtle sheen on bare or lipsticked lips. The luminizing eye cream-gel employs a blend of nourishing vitamin E, light-diffusing silicone spheres, and revitalizing anti-oxidants to hydrate, brighten, and smooth skin. Bid adieu to the lingering effects of late nights and long days.


ON SET: The minty lip balm delivers a plumped pout in advance of your close-up. 

ON THE RED CARPET: The perfect dinner-clutch essential when your under-eye concealer needs a touch-up post canapés.

ON THE VANITY: One side refreshes midday makeup, the other deeply hydrates lips.


“I not only keep this in my purse, but in my makeup kit on set. I touch up with the eye cream if I feel the skin around my eyes getting dry or my concealer is sitting in my creases. The silicone in it instantly smooths out fine lines and gives you a quick eye-opening effect. Also, I always have dry lips so this product is a must-have for me. It really hydrates and plumps.”—Jamie Keller, VIOLET GREY Melrose Place makeup artist


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