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lid tint

Presenting the mistake-proof eye balm that delivers cool, smudgy lids in less than 30 seconds.

Written By JAYME CYK


When conceiving her smudgy lid tints, makeup artist Jillian Dempsey drew inspiration from longtime client Kristen Stewart and her cool-girl style (think: T-shirt, bedhead hair, and dark eyes). The sheer, all-natural tints have a balmy consistency and instantly deliver a uniquely smooth, glossy wash of color whether applied with fingers or an eyeshadow brush. “I go for makeup that feels authentic,” says Dempsey. “It’s easy, mistake-proof, finger-friendly, and as natural and organic as possible.” (The vegan, paraben-free formula, which is made with organic oils and butters, meets with the approval of VIOLET GREY’s resident green beauty experts.) And when road tested, the creamy shadows proved versatile companions—one coat offers a subtle stain for “no-makeup makeup” appeal; multiple layers yield an opaque effect. Dempsey likes to accent the latter with messy eyeliner for the ultimate smoky eye. It’s as easy as falling asleep in your makeup, but far better for your skin.


“They add a slight hint of tint and dew to the lid. I’m obsessed.”—Molly Stern, makeup artist

“They are light to the touch and sheer in color, and have a glossy finish that is beautiful on the lids without ever feeling sticky or runny. They are brilliant worn alone or on top of shadow to add an element of texture and dimension. Also, the line has a range of smart colors that can be used on an array of skin tones.”—Kirin Bhatty, makeup artist

“They are great as glossy natural hues or mixed with eyeliner for smudgy, smoky eyes.” —Kate Lee, Chanel makeup artist 

“The colors are soft, subtle, and gorgeous. They give you an effortless look without making it seem like you’re wearing a lot of makeup. And with a bit of eyeliner or powder eyeshadow, the tints will appear even sexier.—Fiona Stiles, makeup artist


July 27, 2016

by the
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