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james read 

 instant bronzing mist

The must-have spray that delivers an even, sun-kissed glow.
Written By Jayme Cyk

Ever in search of the perfect natural bronzed glow, makeup artist Kira Nasrat found her match in James Read’s Instant Body Mist, which she praises for its ability to create a beautiful, even tan. The lightweight mist is the star in the editorially acclaimed lineup from self-tanning guru Read (he’s responsible for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s, Ellie Goulding’s, and Lady Gaga’s most radiant moments). Infused with skincare ingredients like aloe vera, Vitamin E, and coenzyme Q10, which helps fight aging, the unique mist lends skin an instant burnish that continues to develop throughout the day. Converts also praise its user-friendly packaging, which comes equipped with a 360-degree nozzle for easy application. 


ON SET: The perfect cheat to look extra-toned on a swimwear shoot. 

ON THE RED CARPET: Dries in a flash, so you can safely slip right into your gown post-bronzing.

ON THE VANITY: Kick-starts your tan before the first beach day of the season.


“I used to find it impossible to spray tan myself until I used the James Read Instant Body Mist. The 360-degree spray nozzle makes it so easy, and it’s super lightweight. It provides instant gratification and lasts for days!”—Kira Nasrat, makeup artist


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