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Strengthening your pelvic muscles just got a whole lot chicer.

Written By JAYME CYK


A stronger core and a better sex life are just two of the results of using Elvie, Tania Boler’s design-centric, tech-savvy kegel exerciser. The British wellness author and Chiaro founder was inspired by French women—specifically, the importance they place on postnatal core strengthening, often using intravaginal kegel devices to confront postpartum health issues (think: incontinence, weakened muscles, and back pain). Boler loved the concept, but found many of the more traditional offerings uncomfortable or unwieldy—more medical than minimalist—and was determined to produce a smaller, more woman-friendly device for convenient at-home use. Her slender oblong offering guides users through a series of exercises that address postpartum health issues literally from the inside out. That said, the device works wonders regardless of whether you have had a baby. Consider it a very personal trainer. 


BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: The waterproof, 100% medical-grade silicone exercise tracker conveniently syncs to your mobile phone via an app, which offers a selection of strengthening programs. Once you insert the device, the app tracks progress, corrects technique, and scores your results. In as little as two weeks, testers reported improved core strength, stronger bladder control, and heightened sexual sensation.

“The Elvie really helps you connect to your pelvic floor muscles and engage the entire core. All women should have one.”—Cindy Leos, Pilates instructor and dance fitness trainer

“It’s a self-esteem booster from within, literally.”—Jenna Hipp, nail artist and mother of three

“It’s kind of like a video game—it was nice to see the strength of your muscles reflected in the app. I think it’s great for all women, no matter whether they plan on pregnancy.”—Joanna Vargas, esthetician and mother of three


July 25, 2016

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