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lip cheat

Spotlighting the lip pencil that provides a velvety smooth pout.
Written By Jayme Cyk
The secret to achieving a Bardot-esque bouche is all in your choice of lip pencil. So when the VIOLET GREY team asked our artist community which nude lipliners they deem “best in class,” a majority (including Monika Blunder, Merrady Wickes, Beau Nelson, and Jamie Greenberg) cited Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Cheat. All praised its creamy texture and variety of neutral shades: Blunder loves the velvety finish, while Wickes is partial to the palette. “Charlotte’s Lip Cheat liners come in the most amazing natural tones, which make ‘cheating’ the natural lip shape easy and believable,” adds Nelson. “They are literally the only lip pencils I carry in my kit now.”
ON SET: Provides a subtle tint of color and a plumped pout for an au naturel–themed photo shoot.
ON THE RED CARPET: The perfect primer to keep your lipstick in place through a long night of cheek kisses.

ON THE VANITY: Its rich, moisturizing finish keeps lips hydrated throughout the day.
“The Charlotte Tilbury lipliners are amazing—they’re waterproof, highly pigmented, creamy, and nondrying. I like to fill in lips with the color closest to your natural shade to extend the wear of any product I apply on top. I’ll also use two shades to create depth—first I fill in with a lighter shade and then contour with the darker one, so when I finally apply the lipstick it creates extra dimension.”—Christopher Miles, makeup artist
April 15, 2016


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