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sonic toothbrush 

Spotlighting the electric toothbrush that you actually want to display on your vanity.
Written By Jayme Cyk

New York City–based cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Apa wants to change the way his patients think about dental care. This conviction led him to create the Dr. Apa product line, which he designed to encourage patients to talk about dental products as another element of beauty. Case in point: his electric toothbrush. The sleek white-and-gold device is chic enough to earn pride of place on your vanity; functionally, it delivers 40,000 sonic vibrations per minute and offers three modes to clean, whiten, and massage. As Apa advises, “You should take care of your smile like you do your skin.”


ON SET: Brush after your lunch break so the camera captures your brightest smile.

ON THE RED CARPET: Delivers perfect, paparazzi-ready pearly whites.

ON THE VANITY: Keeps teeth so pristine, the dental hygienist will be impressed at your next appointment. 


“This beautiful new sonic brush combines the best of two worlds: gentle sonic brushing that leaves teeth smooth and clean, plus a sleek white design with gold trim that looks elegant on your counter.”—Carol Ross, Los Angeles–based registered dental hygienist

May 3, 2016

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