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The soothing bath soak that helps boost circulation and leaves skin soft and regenerated.

Written By JAYME CYK


“I’ve had as many as maybe three, maybe four baths in a day,” actress Carmen Ejogo once told The Violet Files. “Is that really excessive?” The answer, in our opinion, is no. Especially if your baths (like ours) involve immersion in African Botanics Kalahari Desert De-Tox Bath Salts. The all-natural soak includes mineral-rich salt from the Kalahari desert to detoxify and relax muscles, oxygenating seaweed to help relieve skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne, caffeine to de-puff and to break down cellulite, and crushed African buchu leaf, which is known for its antiseptic and diuretic properties. Your body will thank you.


“Its deep, crisp, intoxicating aroma comes in waves. The experience is supremely relaxing and the seaweed extract keeps my skin soft and hydrated.”—Jeffrey Baum, makeup artist

“These bath salts are the perfect combination of a soothing, luxurious bath oil and Epsom salts. They help relieve muscle tension while leaving skin soft and moisturized.”—Sabrina Bedrani, makeup artist

“This product truly makes muscles feel better. You don’t even need a moisturizer afterward because it leaves skin so soft.” –Merrady Wickes, Melrose Place makeup artist

“This was really relaxing and soothing. It also felt medicinal, which I think is the way a bath salt should be.”—Carola Gonzalez, makeup artist


October 24, 2016


December 6, 2016

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